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How Successful Users use NETWALL Email-Track to get Corporate Clients?

NETWALL Email-Trac 2012 is a mail Email-Tracking solution which Email-Tracks all the mails that are sent or received in a domain name. Many corporate have branches in more than one location. In this case to monitor the mails that are sent or received by sitting in Head Quarters is impossible. But NETWALL Email-Trac 2012 is a server based mail Email-Tracking solution which can Email-Track any mail that is sent or received in a domain name no matter from which part of the world they are sent from.

How do Successful Leverage this to get Corporate Clients?

  • Mail Email-Tracking is the most important requirement for an organization as it will collect mails sent or received by all users and stores it in an Email-Tracking email id. Now If the organization keeps downloading and archiving the Email-Tracking email id, that is enough to create a complete archive of all mails sent or receive in the organisations domain name, no matter how many branches they have.

    Leverage: By presenting such a solution which is not available in the market, you can have the edge over your competitors in the kind of features you offer to your client.

  • Corporate who are involved in finance, shares, legal, compliance are required by the law to keep mails in archive for at least 3 years. Now traditionally they keep local lan based software and keep Email-Tracking mails in each branch. Then the branches will send the backup to the head quarters. But in case of NETWALL Email-Trac 2012, the mails are Email-Tracked in the server level. There is no chance of tampering in the Branch level. It is also very easy as everything happens in the server level. No extra bandwidth or resource is used for mail Email-Track.

    Leverage : By presenting such a centralized, server side solution, you can save huge amount of money and time for your client. Since the Email-Tracking is tamper proof, it is one of the most reliable tools to keep Email-Track of mails in a domain name.

  • NETWALL Email-Trac 2012 automatically Email-Tracks all the mails that are created in a domain name. So if your client add a new email, NETWALL Email-Trac 2012 starts Email-Tracking that email id too. This is unlike a local lan based Email-Tracking system where licenses are issued per user basis. This way NETWALL Email-Trac 2012 is way far cheaper than the conventional lan based Email-Tracking system. Since it Email-Tracks all the mails, it can Email-Track any abuse done by users.

    Leverage : By presenting a solution which is independent of number of emails created or which Email-Tracks unlimited users, you present your customer the most economical and safe mail Email-Tracking solution. Once you provide such a solution which Email-Tracks unlimited users, archives all messages, it becomes a solution that cannot be compared with others. This allows you to earn decent profit for your hosting solution.

  • How to activate NETWALL Email-Track?

    As a Client, you can install NETWALL Email-Track, Just a call away. You can send us email on or call us +91-9899664703

    Our team will guide you how to add new service in to your domain.

    You can also purchase activation key to install NETWALL Email-Track in any of your domain. Please email us or contact us for mail solution.
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