NETWALL & Netwall Central Internet Bandwidth Management Software

Our Software allow you to concentrate on your business rather than worrying about your IT.

Netwall is the complete Internet Bandwidth Management and Traffic Shaping Software. Netwall is the complete solution that can be deployed on cable, HSDSL/XDSL/ADSL, FTTH and MAN networks as well as wireless networks.

  • Netwall  provide solution for Internet users in network with flexible solutions sized

  • To meet their business needs and bandwidth requirements.

  • Internet has become a part of everybody's professional and personal lives. Not only are enterprises, increasingly using the internet to boost productivity, increase communications and efficiently use time.

  • With the use of broadband and internet sharing, line congestion has become a major issue for network administrators. This disturbs normal internet usage for the rest of the organization, resulting in lost time and frustrated users
Is Internet access bandwidth a major bottleneck in your network?

If your network has any of these problems then Netwall Bandwidth Manager will provide a cost effective solution. The software monitors your network traffic and limits bandwidth in whatever manner you specify. View our Product NETWALL Feature

To solve the issue we have introduced Network Management Solution NETWALL

With over Ten years of research, testing and development, Netwall combines traffic shaping features ease of use or performance.

Using speed limiting, traffic shaping the product allows you to take full advantage of your line speed, enforcing fair and efficient usage across the entire organization.

It brings high performance traffic shaping, easy to use .

NETWALL can used for


Campus Solution


Educational Institutes


Corporate Solution


Solution for Hotels


Solution for Café

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