Network Access Service (NAS) Management

NETWALL’s Network access Service RADIUS Client to the end ISP.

NETWALL’s Network access Service basically acts as the front end for all user AAA and communicates with RADIUS server for catering the authenticating and authorization requests.

NETWALL’s Network access Service also offers in-built DHCP service along with NAT* (Network Address Translation) features that maps dynamic IP addresses to static public IP.

With the help of NETWALL’s Network access Service basic firewall, you can restrict access to certain IP addresses or domain names, or block certain traffic by blocking several kinds of "DDoS".

It also prevents any unauthenticated traffic to access the internet network, as all incoming connections from the Internet are restricted using captive portal capabilities.

NETWALL’s Network access Service NAS Management

  • NAS New
  • NAS Edit
  • NAS Delete
  • NAS Deactivate/Activate

NAS Network access Service RADIUS Client


NAS Status and Graph

Network Access Service (NAS) Monitoring ScreenShot


Network Access Service (NAS) Monitoring ScreenShot Showing Bandwidth Upload/Download All Device Information