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Wi-Fi solutions that meet the needs of schools, universities, and colleges

We can help you resolve Wi-Fi connectivity issues at your school, university, or college. To upgrade the network to a newer and more efficient solution so as to scale with the growth of the school,College and its Wi-Fi needs.

University Campus Network Monitoring & Connect to Campus WiFi


What Are the Wi-Fi Challenges that Your School, University, & College Faces? Why choose us ?

Meet the Internet needs of your students and staff by providing a safe wireless high-speed connectivity.

Why to choose us for campus-software

Widely used by WiFi HotSpot operators. This is a 100% cloud hosted software which is hosted on the highly available

A Wi-Fi solution for education must guarantee information security, especially that of students, staff, and the educational institution. You can check all reports.

A Wi-Fi solution for education must be capable of keeping hundreds of end-devices connected simultaneously.

A Wi-Fi solution for education must provide reliable connectivity throughout the entire campus/school.

A solution for education must have an optimal price-to-performance ratio to meet budgetary needs.

We can migrate user's from any router to our Netwall software without downtime.

Send SMS alerts to the subscribers for various notifications.

Campus,School,University Solution Netwall Software Feature

  1. Bandwidth and QoS Management
  2. Bandwidth manager provides operators and existing service providers to implement bandwidth restriction based on subscribers and data usage in addition to quotas on individual or shared basis as well on services like voice, video etc. Netwall supports committed bandwidth allocation (CIR) and burstable bandwidth allocation (CBR) offering high quality service to high-valued enterprise customers. Bandwidth allocation based on hours/days and data usage supports customized services. Netwall also provide weekend & Holiday Management Fair Policy .

  3. Subscriber Management
  4. subscriber management system facilitates service providers to manage unlimited number of users in a dynamic network with user addition/updation/deletion management functions, user migration facilities and user authentication process. It enables service providers to easily manage major issues like revenue leakage, user management, user monitoring and analysis of network congestion.

  5. Multiple Level Administrations/Resellers
  6. Netwall Software managed by multiple administrator and user level controls. It enables role-based administration and creation of an administration for each zone.

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  7. Reports
  8. Generate All types of reports .

    • Subscribers

      Generate Subscribers Reports

    • Date and Times Wise

      User Login and LogOut reports

    • Package Wise

      Generate Reports to all Package Sold

    • Online Subscribers

      Generate Reports to all Online Users, who were online at what time and date. Reason of Disconnection

    • Audit

      Generate Reports of Users Particular Date With IP ,MAC Address date and time

    • Current and Previous Usage

      Generate Reports of Current Usage and Prevoius usage

  9. Content Delivery Network
  10. A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content

  11. SMS Integration
  12. send SMS to all subscriber user's for Renewal. After Payment Recieved send Message to All Subscriber

    The communication between teachers and parents also improve. Any concerns, frustration, and even compliments can be voiced out right away.

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