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Welcome to Netwall Expert, Netwall Central and P.M. Wani Sales and Support. Please feel free to call your requirements and as soon as your information reached us we will contact you soon.

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Netwall Expert
Head Office : Noida Extenstion,Greater Noida West,
U.P.- 2013306
P: +91-(767)849-8996
+91-97183 06045

Our Contacts

Netwall Expert & Netwall Expert Pvt Ltd
Reg Office :GHITORNI,
New Delhi 110030
P: +91-(767)849-8996

About Us

Netwall Expert is a Leading ISP Software company in India for managing Internet with RADIUS and RouterBoard based Bandwidth Management software. We have developed PM Wani Software.

  • PM-Wani Wifi Access
  • SMS and OTP Based Logins
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Public HotSpot Zone
  • Dynamic Routing and Load Balancing