Qos Bandwidth Management

NETWALL Qos Bandwidth Management Solution

NETWALL Internet bandwidth manager provides to implement bandwidth restriction based on subscribers and data usage in addition to quotas on individual.

NETWALL supports minimum committed bandwidth allocation (MCIR) and burstable bandwidth allocation (CBR) offering high quality service to high-valued enterprise customers. Variable bandwidth allocation based on hours/days and data usage supports customized services.

NETWALL Qos Bandwidth Management supports

  • Minimum committed bandwidth allocation (MCIR)
  • Burstable bandwidth allocation (CBR)
  • Variable bandwidth allocation based on hours/days
Bandwidth Upload/Download user's restriction [Bandwidth Brust Threshold,BrustTime CBR,Priority-:(MCIR) min bandwidth guarantee Quality of Service (QoS) ]

In programs already mentioned that include bandwidth controls within them,Netwall are tools for limiting bandwidth . It can also limit the bandwidth usage to whatever you choose.

Qos-BandwidthManagement,MCIR,Burstable bandwidth allocation (CBR)