Radius Server (AAA) Authentication, Authorization & Accounting

NETWALL One Stop solution for AAA Server

An AAA server is a server program that handles user requests for access to computer resources...

is available with an H1-Online RADIUS server which supports PPPoE, and HotSpot protocols.

Optimize your network performance with NetwallExpert’s Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) server – an industry-leading solution built for wireline, WiFi,broadband networks alike. NETWALL AAA is designed and developed to support Wi-Fi, Dialup/Broadband and Optic Subscriber with centralize subscriber database and policy management.

NETWALL Service certainly manages authentication of subscribers, authorization for appropriate level of service, and reliable accounting based on the usage.

NETWALL Service provides authorization based on IP and MAC addresses and full accounting based on time-duration, and data-usage.

NETWALL Solution is highly flexible solution which is pre-integrated with various third party systems enabling service providers to offer innovative services to their subscribers. NETWALL Solution is the ideal solution which caters the needs and requirements of service providers and wireless operators with huge networks.

AAA stands for Authentication, Authorization & Accounting.

  • Authentication : Verify User
  • Authorization : Services provided to the Specific User.
  • Accounting : Billing for Service used by the User.
  • Authentication valid or not User's

    The process by which it can be identified that the user, which wants to access the network resources, valid or not by asking some credentials such as username and password.

  • Authorization Granting/Denyiny access determining resources

    It provides to enforce policies on network resources after the user has gained access to the network resources through authentication. After the authentication is successful, authorization can be used to determine what resources is the user allowed to access and the operations that can be performed.

  • Accounting monitoring/capturing

    It provides means of monitoring and capturing the events done by the user while accessing the network resources.

Netwall Bandwidth Management AAA Server Network Diagram

radius-server-AAA-stands-for Authentication,Authorization&Accounting